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Endometriosis Research Study Newsletter  |    Fall 2014

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Who is Kelsey Chin?  Many of you already know Kelsey but for those who don't, she is famous for her yellow T-shirt that proclaims, "Ask Me About My Endo." Despite significant challenges as a result of endometriosis, she works tirelessly to make a difference. Together with her supportive husband, Jimmy, they developed “Ask Me About My Endo”, created Ruby the EndoRoo and started Endo Sisters Healing Together, a Boston support group. But her efforts didn’t stop there; she joined Juneau Biosciences’ EndToEndo study to make early diagnosis easily available for women in the future.

We salute Kelsey Chin and all the women enrolled in EndToEndo, as well as those involved in the EndoRisk™ clinical trials, for their part in developing a simple lab test for endometriosis, so that women will no longer spend years without answers and effective therapy.  These contributions will make a difference in the future of women’s healthcare and will help put an END to ENDO!   

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Information about her support group and other endometriosis support materials can be found at: 

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