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Endometriosis Research Study Newsletter  |    Fall 2014

Juneau Biosciences, LLC  |  2749 E. Parleys Way, Suite 210  |  Salt Lake City, UT  84109                                                                  

In This Issue

With so much hype that goes with a vampire's thirst for your blood, isn't it comforting to know that we only want SPIT. Thank you to all you wonderful women who have appeased this vampire’s SPIT collecting appetite.

If this is new to you, guess what: just a tablespoon and a half of your saliva will make an important contribution to groundbreaking endometriosis research. You can enroll if you have had gynecologic surgery of most types. Your contribution only takes a few minutes, and is a lot less painful than donating blood to your local vampire. For more information, please visit: 

Some of you out there have left us "dying" of thirst for your saliva. If you've enrolled but we haven't received your sample, please consider refilling our tanks by sending it in at your earliest convenience. We'd be most obliged! And we would sleep so much more peacefully.

The more SPIT that we get, the more our appetites will be fed in our goal to improve the care and treatment of endometriosis. We hope that you all will share this study with your friends, family, and EndoSisters before the full moon on Halloween eve (or the remaining 364 days of the year). 

Together we can SCARE AWAY ENDO!