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Endometriosis Research Study Newsletter  |  Summer 2014

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The 12th World Congress on Endometriosis (WCE) was held in Sao  Paulo, Brazil April 30th to May 3rd.  This conference is the scientific meeting of the World Endometriosis Society (

It was refreshing to be at a conference completely devoted to endometriosis.  Over 150 oral presentations were given, and 273 posters were displayed. Each one of these 425+ presentations investigated a unique aspect of endometriosis cause, impact, or treatment.

A look at the list of the WCE’s research categories gives one an appreciation for just how far endometriosis research has come, and how far-reaching it currently is. Hundreds of thousands of women came together in hundreds of different studies to create the knowledge shared at the 12th WCE. Just another example of women giving of themselves to make the world better for everyone! Below is a list of topics covered at the WCE:

Diagnosis and screening

Endometrioma and ovarian reserve

Endometriosis and cancer



Genetics, epigenetics, and hereditary aspects

Immunology and stem cells

Infertility and ART

Management of deep disease

Medical management

Pain and pain mechanisms

Pathogenesis / aetiology (cause)

Prevention and management of recurrences

Quality of life


Juneau’s presentation was, of course, in the “Genetics, Epigenetics, and Hereditary Aspects” session.

Juneau Biosciences appreciates everyone who has participated, everyone who has tried to participate, and everyone who has even thought about participating in our genetic studies. You are making a substantial contribution to women’s health, to medical science, and to many future generations. A big round of applause, please, for our participants! TOGETHER WE WILL PUT AN END TO ENDO!!!

The 13th WCE will be held in Vancouver, Canada, May 2017. “Patient groups/endometriosis activitsts are VERY welcome at WCEs,” says Lone Hummelshoj, Secretary General of the World Endometriosis Society. We will be there; it would be great to see you there, too!



Putting an END to ENDO

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