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Endometriosis Research Study Newsletter  |  Spring 2014

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   A New Era for Endometriosis

ARTguide™: A new era in endometriosis care will begin now thanks to all of you!

For over a decade, Juneau Biosciences has worked to discover and catalog all of the gene variations involved in endometriosis. We are doing this ongoing work in an effort to understand the chemical and biologic causes and mechanisms of this frustrating and enigmatic disease.

To date, over 20,000 women have contributed DNA samples for this research. As you know only too well, endometriosis is a major cause of pelvic pain, menstrual difficulties, and infertility.

Studies show that over 40% of women receiving advanced treatments for infertility have endometriosis. Inflammation from endometriosis may damage either a sperm or an egg or interfere with their movement through the fallopian tubes and uterus. In severe cases of endometriosis, the fallopian tubes may be blocked by adhesions or scar tissue. Frequently women with infertility caused by endometriosis do not have the pain or menstrual irregularities that are so common with endometriosis, making a noninvasive diagnostic test all the more useful.

Juneau plans to offer endometriosis risk testing for women with infertility or pelvic pain in the coming years. The first test to be released was developed in conjunction with our diagnostic partner Predictive Laboratories, Inc. The test is called ARTguide™; it is designed to help women with infertility determine whether they have endometriosis and then receive personalized treatment to improve their chance of pregnancy. In addition to predicting endometriosis risk by utilizing an algorithm that takes into account 5 clinical predictors of infertility (including family history) and analyzes over 2,000 DNA markers, the test detects mutations in 11 genes known to impact a woman’s fertility.